Suggested Kia Maintenance Schedule

If you’re looking for a Kia dealer NJ for assistance on maintenance and servicing of your Kia, you’ll benefit from some awareness of what Kia’s suggested maintenance schedule is for its vehicles. You can even make use of Kia service coupons to get some benefits on your maintenance check in Freehold, Asbury Park, Belmar, and Neptune, NJ, by visiting the Sansone Jr’s 66 Kia dealership. While different models may have specific guidelines you’ll need to follow, the general maintenance schedule includes service packages recommended after specific months or kilometers of use.    

Service 1

  • Replacing filter and engine oil 
  • Inspecting fluid levels, air filter, and function of the horn
  • Assessing tire inflation/wear
  • Making sure all lights are functioning properly
  • Checking the function of hand brakes
  • Checking the function of the block heater
  • Topping up on required fluid 
  • Free car wash
  • Recommended after use for:
  • 6 months/6000 kms
  • 18 months/18,000 kms
  • 30 months/30,000 kms
  • 42 months/42,000 kms
  • 54 months/54,000 kms
  • 66 months/66,000 kms
  • 78 months/78,000 kms
  • 90 months/90,000 kms

Service 2 (in addition to service 1)

  • Checking engine coolant, seat belts, and anchors, 
  • Tire rotation and servicing of the fluid system 
  • Checking condition of brakes, calipers, cylinders, exhaust system 
  • Lubrication of locks, hinges, driveshaft U-joints, and latches 
  • Checking the condition of the undercarriage, front/rear differential fluids
  • Inspection of tire rods, ball joints, transfer case oil level
  • Checking manual and automatic transmission fluid level 
  • Road testing the vehicle
  • Recommended after use for:
  • 12 months/12,000 kms
  • 36 months/36,000 kms
  • 60 months/60,000 kms
  • 84 months/84,000 kms
  • Service 3 (in addition to service 1 and 2)
  • Cleaning front brakes and lubrication of caliper slides
  • Cleaning/adjusting rear brakes
  • Checking brake line fittings/lines for leaks
  • Cleaning intake plenum and checking idle speed
  • Inspection of power steering lines/hoses
  • Checking the operation of A/C
  • Road testing the vehicle
  • Recommended after use for:
  • 24 months/24,000 kms
  • 72 months/72,000 kms
  • Service 4 (in addition to service 1, 2, and 3)
  • Replacement of automatic and manual transmission fluid 
  • Replacing the engine coolant and air filter 
  • Replacing spark plugs as well as the brake and clutch fluid
  • Inspecting fuel lines/connections and ignition wires
  • Replacing differential fluids as well as transfer case fluid 
  • Recommended after use for:
  • 48 months/48,000 kms
  • 96 months/96,000 kms

In addition to following the suggested Kia maintenance schedule for your vehicle, your local Kia dealer in NJ offers additional maintenance services that you can select from depending on the condition of your vehicle. 

Source: Kia