How To Program Your Kia To Open A Garage Door

If you have recently purchased a new Kia vehicle, you must be aware of the Homelink system available in it. This system connects your Kia with your garage door and opens it at the click of a button. However, the process of programming your Kia to the garage door opener might be a bit confusing. So, here, we have listed out a step by step method to program your vehicle’s Homelink system. 

6 Steps to Program Your Kia to a Garage

  1. In case you purchased a used Kia, please make sure to delete all the existing Homelink data. This can be done by holding down the first and third buttons of the Homelink system. 
  2. If you already have an old garage door opening device, please keep it with you when programming your Kia car. Press down on the button that was previously used to open the garage door in the garage opener and the Homelink button of your choice simultaneously. While you are doing this, the Homelink button should flash once and then illuminate multiple times rapidly. You can now let go of the two buttons. 
  3. There are two things that might happen. Once you press the HomeLink button to open the garage door, the light remains without any blinks. This means the programming is complete, and your work is done. If, however, the light flashes again rapidly, you have a few more steps left.
  4. Go to your garage door and manually press the “learn” or “smart” button, whichever is present in your garage door motor. 
  5. Run back to your car within 30 seconds and press the Homelink button that you would like to program inside the car. Hold the button down for two seconds and leave. 
  6. If the light remains when pressed again, the programming has been completed. If it blinks again, you might need to repeat steps 4 and 5 a few times until the programming has been finished