KIA Soul Performance Upgrades

Want to upgrade the performance of your 2020 KIA Soul or KIA Soul Plus? Well, there’s nothing stopping you. You can choose to add/upgrade from a wide range of KIA Parts and aftermarket KIA tools and accessories from the KIA Soul inventory of parts. Some of these additional/optional upgrades are offered as KIA Soul lease specials. You can choose these offers or fine-tune your KIA Soul’s engine and chassis with aftermarket KIA performance parts. This optional add-on KIA parts can help you unleash the true potential of your 2020 KIA Soul and KIA Soul Plus.

How to Upgrade Performance on Your KIA Soul
You can choose from a variety of KIA parts such as engines, exhaust systems, suspension systems, transmission, and more to upgrade your KIA’s performance. However, we suggest you begin with fitting an uprated suspension and lowering the car by around 35mm. You will also want to tune your KIA Soul’s engine to provide you with more torque power. Consider an engine swap if you’d really want to rev up your KIA Soul’s speed. Smaller engines such as the one made available by standard KIA Soul makes do not enable much power. 

Other standard upgrades would be switching to higher octane petrol and lighter alloy wheels. However, ensure that you do not get alloy wheels fitted bigger than 17in. In doing so, you could end up decreasing your KIA car’s performance. Consider an upgraded clutch to avoid power leaks during transmission. You can also uprate your fuel injectors and pump to enable a smoother fuel supply to your engines. 

If money is not a problem, you can get massive gains on engine performance and speed with a supercharger installed to your KIA Soul’s engine. It is easier to install than a Turbo upgrade and also far easier to map.

Boost Your KIA Soul’s Performance by Stages

That’s the beauty of upgrading a vehicle’s performance. You don’t need to make all the changes you desire to your 2020 KIA Soul or KIA Soul Plus right away. You can plan and effect them with time. Make engine upgrades today and plan for suspension updates in the near future. As long as you balance the power upgrades you make on your KIA vehicle, you will be able to tell the difference it makes. You will be able to drive your KIA car now more powerfully, but also safely.

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