How to Check if your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

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Motor oil is the lifeline of your vehicle’s engine as it lubricates all the moving parts and ensures smooth operation. It prevents overheating, keeps a check on dirt buildup, and makes sure the engine is clean.

When the oil remains in good condition, it will be able to perform these functions efficiently. However, you need to change this fluid as its effectiveness reduces with time. Follow the instructions in this guide to find out if your car needs an oil change in Neptune, NJ.

Examine Motor Oil Color

Go through the owner’s manual to find out the requirements before inspecting the motor oil. Certain manufacturers will ask you to perform the test when the engine is cold, while others will require you to warm up before the examination.

Turn off the engine, remove the dipstick, and clean any fluid you find on it. Reinsert this component into the same tube and ensure it goes all the way down. Remove the dipstick and take a look at the color of the oil.

When it is clean, you’ll notice an amber hue to it. Due to the build-up of particles and dirt, the fluid will start to become darker in color, indicating you need to replace it.

Also, you should check the level of motor oil by paying attention to the dipstick. If it’s between the two markers, you needn’t add additional fluid. However, if below the lower indicator, you must get in touch with a Kia dealership in Freehold, Asbury Park, or Belmar immediately.

Strange Smells In Your Vehicle’s Interior

Another sign that lets you know whether you need to carry out an oil change is the smell in the interior cabin. If you sense whiffs of oil, you must schedule a maintenance appointment right away.

The smell will only start to enter the interior when the engine is overheating. Due to the insufficient volume of oil in your car, it starts to burn in the exhaust region. If you don’t correct this problem, it can cause significant damage downstream.

If you need help with a Kia oil change in Freehold, Asbury Park, or Belmar, give us a call to book a service appointment today!

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