Kia Niro Safety Features

The Kia Niro in Neptune, NJ is available as a hybrid and electric SUV. It has excellent fuel efficiency with a decent engine and an incredibly delightful ride. Even though the model has received mixed reviews in general, it has packed a punch in the safety department, becoming the number one priority for people who prefer secure and comfortable transportation over horsepower and all-wheel-drives.

Stability Control
Stability Control can automatically sense when the handling limits of the vehicle have been exceeded. In such cases, it reduces the engine output or slams on brakes to prevent the driver from losing control.

Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners
Seatbelt pre-tensioners automatically tighten seatbelts around passengers in the event of sudden braking or collisions to keep people seated in optimal positions during a possible impact.

Advanced Security System
The Kia Niro can quickly detect undesired intrusion into the car. The ignition gets disabled in such a situation, preventing the vehicle from being opened by any key other than the one originally supplied by the manufacturer.

Anti-Lock Brakes
ABS brakes will automatically take control when a tire stops rotating due to the extreme braking. It balances brake pressure, thereby allowing the tire to rotate. This makes it easier to shift the car while braking.

Front-Impact Airbags
Front-impact airbags have been designed to support the heads of the driver and side passenger in the event of an accident, deploying from under the steering wheels.

Overhead Airbags
Overhead airbags protect the heads of the occupants of the car during a rollover or collision from the side.

Knee Airbags
Knee airbags will defend the lower extremities of occupants in the Kia Niro from critical injuries in the event of a car accident.

Side Impact Airbags
Side impact airbags have been exclusively designed to protect the torso of the driver and their side passenger in the event of a side collision. These bags will inflate from the side.

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