Ways To Avoid Drowsy Driving

  • Drowsy driving in Neptune, NJ is responsible for numerous car crashes, injuries, and deaths. Driving on the highway, especially when tired, can be extremely dangerous. Given the high speed, smooth open roads, and the probability of the car swinging out of control of the dozing driver. This puts not only the driver at elevated risk but the passengers too.
  • People ordinarily think that rolling down the windows and playing loud music can prevent them from falling asleep while driving. These techniques could assist you for some time, but for longer distances, these tricks don’t work.
  • Drowsy driving is caused majorly by lack of sleep. This can severely affect your judgment, reaction time, and ability to concentrate; therefore making a task like driving especially dangerous.

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Here are some ways in which you can ward off drowsy driving. Whether or not you are planning an extended road trip, it is consistently preferred to recognize these tips.


Before you prepare for a lengthy journey, make sure you follow 7-8 hours of sleep for 5-6 consecutive nights. This way your body will be properly prepared to take on the stress of continuous driving with little sleep. By making sure your body receives enough rest before the journey, you will be all relaxed and rejuvenated.


It is during the hours between midnight to 4-5 am that the body craves sleep most. Avoid driving during these hours. Arrange your travel in such a way that you can spend the night at a hotel and resume travel early the next morning.


Keep taking stretch breaks whenever possible. If you are traveling with a partner, take turns getting behind the wheel. This allows each person to take time to catch a quick nap, eat, and stretch before taking up the wheel next.


If you are feeling fuzzy, incapable to recall the last few miles that you have driven, struggling to keep your eyes open or yawning continuously; then it is time to pause and take a brief nap before resuming driving. Park your car in a secure spot, since you might feel groggy after the first 10 minutes of waking up, and drive to your destination safely.

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