Connecting Apple CarPlay to Your Kia

If you have recently purchased a Kia from a Kia dealership NJ, you will be glad to know that there are a plethora of free features just waiting for you to unlock them. Kia Apple CarPlay is a functionality available in vehicles manufactured by Kia. It allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle and turn your four-wheeler into a smart device altogether.

However, before you can start using Apple CarPlay, you need to connect your phone to your car first.

How to set up Apple CarPlay in your Kia

Once you’ve set up Apple CarPlay in your Kia, you will be able to listen to the music of your choice, dial and pick up phone calls, send and receive messages, enjoy podcasts, find maps and navigation assistance, and more, right on your Kia's dashboard display.

The Apple CarPlay connection works mainly through your car's dashboard display. You can also use the 'Voice Command' option that you would find on your steering wheel if you wish to activate Siri while driving.

To set up Apple CarPlay, you will have to:

  1. Switch on your car's dashboard display and click on 'Setup'.
  2. Select 'Connectivity'; this button could also be termed 'Phone Projection'.
  3. Click on 'Enable Apple CarPlay'.
  4. Using your Apple Lightning cord, connect your phone to your car using the USB socket.
  5. Accept some user agreements, but after that, you may use Apple CarPlay in your Kia.

Once you have paired your phone to the car, you can activate CarPlay any time if you click on the 'Apple CarPlay' button on your dashboard display. Siri can also help you while you drive. All you have to do to call on Siri is activate the AI, and you can send and receive messages and more without ever having to lift your hand from the steering wheel.

If you live in Neptune, NJ, and either need help with or want to learn more about the Apple CarPlay offering from Kia, visit our Kia dealership NJ to find all the information you need. We also service the nearby cities of Asbury Park, Freehold, and Belmar.

Source: Kia