2020 Kia Optima vs. 2020 Hyundai Sonata

When you want to buy a midsize sedan in Neptune, NJ, you might have to choose between the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata. You perhaps don’t know which one to go for. However, there are a handful of major differences that you must keep in mind when deciding the one you wish to purchase.


You can differentiate the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata when you take a glance at the aesthetics. From a design perspective, the Sonata looks reserved and conservative, meaning that you won’t always get the attention of people as you drive around in Freehold, Asbury Park, or Belmar.

However, this is a different story with the Kia Optima. The car manufacturer went with a modern and sporty look to keep up with the times. As a result, the Optima is an attractive car that you will fall in love with the moment you set your eyes on it.

Fuel Efficiency

Both the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata have the same powertrain. However, there is a variation when it comes to fuel economy. For starters, the efficiency of the Optima is 25 mpg in the city and 35 on the highway. The Sonata, however, boasts 28 mpg and 38 mpg in the city and highway, respectively.

You might assume that you could go with the Sonata owing to the better fuel efficiency. However, this isn’t the right choice when you factor in the size of the fuel tank. The Optima’s capacity is 18.5 gal, while that of the Sonata falls only at 15.9 gal. As a result, you can go on for longer drives with the Kia, making it the smarter choice.

Infotainment And Features

The infotainment system is bigger on the Kia Optima than the one on the Hyundai Sonata. It also comes with a six-speaker audio system, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tracks, podcasts, and audiobooks. If you need high-quality audio on the Sonata, you have to upgrade to the premium option.

The biggest differentiator between the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata is the starting price. You can get the Optima for $23,390, while the Sonata amounts to $23,600. Clearly, the Optima is better and more inexpensive.

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Source: Kia