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Why Buy a Kia?

Not sure which brand of car to buy on your first purchase? South Korea’s Kia Motors has made a name for itself for being a superior automotive company. Their cars are a favorite with people all over the world for the benefits they offer compared to other brands. Here are some reasons why people love Kia and why you should buy a Kia.

• It’s really environmentally-friendly Tired of polluting the world with a petrol or diesel vehicle? Why not choose one of Kia’s EV models instead? Kia Motors is renowned for assembling some of the best EV cars in the world. Consider the 2020 Kia Soul EV or the Kia Niro EV if you’re interested in this segment.
• It’s super affordable Kia is one of the most budget-friendly automobile brands on the market. Prices start at less than $12,000 and you can make savings upwards of $10,000 when compared to other brands in any segment you purchase.

• It’s really stylish on the inside and the outside All Kia models come with unique exteriors and stylish interiors, which can make your car the cynosure of all eyes. The beautiful aluminum alloy wheels, large LED headlamps, heated leather trimmings, and the superior Sound Mood Lighting system, all make the Kia absolutely divine.
• It comes integrated with state-of-the-art tech Kia cars come fully-integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is also in-car Bluetooth, which allows you to share vehicle diagnostics with your phone and play music through your phone or laptop. The car also comes pre-installed with UVO eServices.
• It is a really safe car Kia has received really high safety ratings by both the IIHS and NHTSA. All the models have performed well on crash tests, stability tests, and performance tests. This makes Kia a very safe car for travel.
• It comes with an excellent warranty Kia Motors offers two types of warranties to car owners – the 10 years/100,000 miles limited powertrain warranty and the 5 years/60,000 miles 24-hour roadside assistance. Both of these are exceptionally useful. Additionally, not many brands offer such lucrative offers. Sounds exciting? Book your Kia at Sansone Jr's 66 today.

Source: Kia